PBM ABMU Training


Sarah Kaye, Clare Taylor & Katy Morris


PBM ABMU Training Swansea Bay University Health board
Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Delivery Unit
Glanrhyd Hospital
CF31 4LN

Type of Training Service:


Senior Trainers:

Katy Morris, Luke O'Connor, Ross Extence, Sarah Thomas, Andrew Nicholson, Lisa Samuel, Stephanie Roberts, Russell Hartland, Alison Morgan, Matthew Fearnley, Joanne Pedrick & Robert Hayward, Bethan Jennings, Jon Jones, Joshua Granelli, Mark Brown, Rebecca Edwards, Clare Taylor, Fran Martin, David Martin Lloyd

Populations supported by BILD ACT Certified Training:

Services supporting adults
Services supporting children
People with mental health conditions
People with learning disabilities
Autistic people
People acquired brain injury
People living with dementia

Certified Courses:

PBM ABMU Training (Adult/Children & Young People) Direct Care (3 days)
PBM ABMU Trainers Re-certification (Adult/Children & Young People) (1 – 2 days)



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