The Bild Group Community Guidelines

Updated May 2023

The Bild Group (Bild, Restraint Reduction Network and Bild ACT) is committed to a society where everyone can enjoy the same rights and opportunities and we want to create spaces where people can share their experiences and views in an honest and respectful way. Whether that’s communicating via social media or discussing important issues in our Communities of Practice, we want everyone to feel safe and supported.

The guidelines below state what we expect and encourage via our digital platforms:
1.Be kind and respectful – we encourage an open dialogue, but it must be courteous and not rude or offensive.
2. Listen to others – we won’t all have the same opinions but that’s ok! Listen to the opinions shared, even if you do not agree with them.
3. Be mindful of sharing experiences that may be triggering to others – what may feel fine for you to share may feel different for someone else to read or hear. Please include a warning if you are sharing personal experiences that may distress others.
4. Share trusted and evidenced content – misinformation is unhelpful, and we encourage you to check links or advice thoroughly before sharing.

No matter the platform, we will not tolerate personal abuse or harassment, spam content, or content that could be deemed as hate speech. Where people have legitimate concerns about our work, we offer the opportunity for a discussion with the relevant member of our team.

In the event of someone violating these guidelines, we will take action to protect our colleagues and our supporters. This might include a warning or in the event of repeated negative or disrespectful behaviour, the individual will be banned and reported to the relevant platform authorities.

If you experience or witness any behaviour that doesn’t follow our community guidelines, please contact us at [email protected]. All reports are kept confidential.

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