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The certification process

There are seven stages of the process from application through to certification.

1. Initial eligibility

To apply for certification, organisations need to complete an online eligibility form. This form will then be assessed by our Certification Director.

2. Familiarisation workshop

If you meet the criteria, you will invited to attend a familiarisation workshop where you can find out more about the scheme and decide if you would like to proceed.

3. Commit to the scheme

At this point you will pay the application fee and commit to the terms of the certification scheme.

4. Self Assessment

Once you have signed up, you will be sent links to the online self assessment form and begin to submit evidence against the Standards on a secure portal. You have six months to complete this stage .

5. Assessor

Once you have submitted your self assessment form and submitted your evidence, you will be allocated an assessor. The assessor will scrutinise your evidence and will also arrange to visit you or your organisation.

6. Panel

Once the assessor is satisfied that your assessment is complete, you will go to panel stage to review your evidence of meeting the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards. The panel will include people with lived experience.

7. Decision

Once you have met all the criteria to achieve certification, you will be issued with a certificate.

Maintaining certification

Under the terms of the Scheme, 20% of your training curricula, senior trainers and affiliate organisations will be observed over a three-year cycle .

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