Midlands Partnership NHS Trust


Gary Firkins


Trust Headquarters
Corporation Street
Staffordshire, ST16 3SR

Type of Training Service:


Senior Trainers:

Gary Firkins
Bryan Malpas
Alistair Romei
Jane Wilkes
Jim Walpole

Populations supported by BILD ACT Certified Training:

Services supporting adults
Services supporting children
People with mental health conditions
People with learning disabilities
Autistic people
People acquired brain injury
People living with dementia

Certified Courses:

2 - 8 days DMI Pathway
2-3 days DMI Pathway Refresher
1 day DMI Conflict/Breakaway
1 - 2 days DMI Conflict/Breakaway Refresher


Castlehaven Care Ltd
Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
New Directions
NLG Home Care
Restful Homes Group
Wye Valley NHS Trust

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